About Us

Radiolgycasecafe is an initiative of Ekrem Karakas, M.D. who is the abdominal radiologist. Radiologycasecafe is a non-profit, educational organization. Our main goal to develop this imaging cite is to attract physicians interested in imaging to expand their general knowledge in Radiology, diagnostic imaging tools and their application fields, acquire a general understanding of the most common radiological cases in daily routine, and have a notion how to approach some interesting cases.

We focus on imaging that plays important role in the diagnosis and treatment of common clinical problems. The cases and subjects are presented by experts in the field.

  • Ekrem Karakaş, Abdominal radiologist in the Istanbul Reyap Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Ömer Karakaş, Musculoskeletal radiologist in the Medipol University Esenler Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Hakan Genchellac, Pediatric and Abdominal radiologist, Istanbul, Turkey